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The Argive Dynasty

Where did the Argive Dynasty come from?  According to Wikipedia:

In Greek mythology Danaus, or Danaos (Ancient Greek: Δαναός), was the twin brother of Aegyptus and son of Achiroe and Belus, a mythical king of Egypt. The myth of Danaus is a foundation legend (or re-foundation legend) of Argos, one of the foremost Mycenaean cities of the Peloponnesus. In Homer's Iliad, "Danaans" ("tribe of Danaë") and "Argives" commonly designate the Greek forces opposed to the Trojans.

Well, it turns out that Danaus had 50 daughters and Aegyptus had 50 sons and the two agreed to have the cousins marry each other.  But Danaus had other plans and instructed all 50 of his daughters to kill their new husbands (sons of Aegyptus) on their wedding night.  All but one daughter murdered their husbands.  This daughter ended up marrying the son of Aegyptus and from this pair the dynasty came.  Zeus had a child with Danae who was the famous Perseus known for killing and decapitating a woman warrior known as a Gorgon when she was sleeping.  From Perseus' bloodline, came the famous Heracles.  Refer to Wikipedia for the family tree:

The other 49 daughters went on to marry other men.  Some versions of mythology cite them as having to carry jugs of water in Hades.  From Wikipedia:

When Aegyptus and his fifty sons arrived to take the Danaides, Danaus gave them, to spare the Argives the pain of a battle. However, he instructed his daughters to kill their husbands on their wedding night. Forty-nine followed through, and subsequently buried the heads of their bridegrooms in Lerna;[3] but one, Hypermnestra, refused because her husband, Lynceus, honored her wish to remain a virgin. Danaus was angry with his disobedient daughter and threw her to the Argive courts. Aphrodite intervened and saved her. Lynceus and Hypermnestra then began a dynasty of Argive kings (the Danaid Dynasty).[4][5][6] Some sources relate that Amymone, the "blameless" Danaid,[7] and/or Bryce (Bebryce)[8] also spared their husbands.
Aegyptus, after the death of his sons, escaped to Aroe in Greece and died there. His monument was shown in the temple of Serapis at Patrae.[9]
In some versions, Lynceus later killed Danaus as revenge for the death of his brothers.
The remaining forty-nine Danaides had their grooms chosen by a common mythic competition: a foot-race was held and the order in which the potential Argive grooms finished decided their brides (compare the myth of Atalanta). Two of the grooms were Archander and Architeles, sons of Achaeus: they married Scaea and Automate respectively.[10][11]
In later accounts, the Danaides were punished in Tartarus by being forced to carry water in a jug to fill a bath without bottom (or with a leak) and thereby wash off their sins, but the bath was never filled because the water was always leaking out.[12][13][14]

Hypermnestra watching Lynceus take her father's crown; Cupid holds up the motto "Love Conquers All" (maiolica plate, 1537, by Francesco Xanto Avelli)
 In Greek mythology, Abas (Ancient Greek: Ἄβας) was the son of Lynceus of the royal family of Argos, and Hypermnestra, the last of the Danaides. Abas himself was the twelfth king of Argos. His name probably derives from a Semitic word for "father". The name Abantiades (Ἀβαντιάδης) generally signified a descendant of this Abas, but was used especially to designate Perseus, the great-grandson of Abas,[1] and Acrisius, a son of Abas.[2] A female descendant of Abas, as Danaë, was called Abantias.





by Rita Jean Moran (www.thelibrarykids.com and www.hiddenhumanstory.com)

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The Origins of the Jew (Semite and Askenazi), Italian, Irish, French, German, Russian, Egyptian, Greek, Syrian, Berber, and various Royal Bloodlines

The origins of people can be traced to ancient mythology.  In conjunction with my Mythological Unification Theory and the writings of many ancient Greek, Roman, Egyptian, Celtic, Nordic, and Phoenician scholars, the origins of these people and their royal bloodlines can all be traced back to Zeus.  In some cases, the origins of some of these people can be traced back to Prometheus or Poseidon.  To start the breakdown I will refer to the ancient sources.

The ancient Semite (Arab and Sephardic) comes from the bloodline of Perseus and the Argive Dynasty which came from Zeus and Danae:


The Argive Dynasty turned into the Hyksos Dynasty.   According to Manetho the Shepard-King Hyksos came into Egypt and took it over for awhile.  The people revolted and ran them out.  Manetho was an ancient Egyptian scholar who has had his works interpreted by Josepheus and Eusebius.  Through their interpretation we can see that he identified them with the Hyksos and then from the Argive Dynasty.  He also cited them as having leprosy which was another reason for chasing them out:


The Egyptian Royalty came from Dionysus-Osiris and Ariadne-Isis:

From Diodorus Siculus:

And of the ancient Greek writers of mythology some give to Osiris the name Dionysus or, with a slight change in form, Sirius.  One of them, Eumolpus, in his Bacchic Hymn speaks of Our Dionysus, shining like a star, with fiery eye in ev’ry ray;”


The Italians come from many sources including King Latinus, King Janus, Demeter, Ares, Aphrodite, and Aeneas.  Demeter lived in Sicily where she was setting up her mystery schools and teaching the many uses of corn.  Aeneas was a Trojan Prince who escaped with his father and family after the Trojan war.  Aeneas was the son of Aphrodite and King Anchises.  Romulus and Remus were said to come from Ares, but even so that bloodline originated with Aeneas.



The descendants of Aeneas became the Tuatha De Naan and travelled up into Ireland and Britain after defeating the Fomorians who were surviving Celtic Atlantians.  Later, the Egyptian royal Milesians came into Ireland and interbred. Thus the Irish and Welsh are descended from Aphrodite, Aeneas, Dionysus, and Ariadne.

Pan is said to be the son of Aphrodite and either Hermes or Dionysus.  thus the Celts worshipped Pan due to their heritage:

The Ashkenazi Jew comes from an Amazon Queen and Zeus. 

The German, French, and Russian royalty came from Zeus (per analysis of their symbols and from ancient writings) and his men when they travelled north.  The equivalent of Zeus is Odin in Nordic mythology.  The royal Kaisars and Czars are from the bloodline of Zeus and the name is similar to Caesar (who trace their lineage back to Aeneas) and the Egyptian word for Pharaoh which is Sar.

The Greeks come from Prometheus (the Hellenes), Poseidon,  possibly a son of Athena, and Zeus:



Other Europeans may come from the descendants of Europa and Zeus (out of Crete):

The Japanese royal bloodline comes from Dionysus-Osiris and Ariadne-Isis.  They trace their bloodline to this bloodline and cite their origins to the goddess Amaterasu.  Compare the symbolism of a Japanese warrior’s headgear to that of Ariadne-Isis’:



The Berber People and the Syrians originally came from Prometheus and the other children of Iapetus.   Many other Europeans came from Apollo, Hermes, and Heracles as they had many children and thus from Zeus.  From Wikipedia:
The 2nd-century writer Lucian gave an account of the Greek Deucalion in De Dea Syria that seems to refer more to the Near Eastern flood legends: in his version, Deucalion (whom he also calls Sisythus)[16] took his children, their wives, and pairs of animals with him on the ark, and later built a great temple in Manbij (northern Syria), on the site of the chasm that received all the waters; he further describes how pilgrims brought vessels of sea water to this place twice a year, from as far as Arabia and Mesopotamia, to commemorate this event.

The bloodline of Prometheus and Epimetheus intermixed with the bloodline of Zeus through Pandora.  It is said that Prometheus' son, Deucalion, and his descendants went into Syria.

The bloodline of some of the Ho-Chunk and Lakota Warriors may also come from the Cronide bloodline as hinted by the story of Red Horn.  The story of Red Horn is the story of Dionysus-Osiris.  The Hopi may have also intermixed with the Cronide bloodline.

The royal bloodlines of the Aztec, Mayan, and Inca are all cited to come from their gods which are the bloodlines of Zeus and Prometheus.  The Peruvian Inti, is Zeus.  Even the Polynesians have stories of tall, effeminate visitors who gave them teachings on healing and created Kahunas (see my articles on Hawaii).
by Rita Jean Moran (www.thelibrarykids.com and www.hiddenhumanstory.com)


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The Cronides and the Mediterranean

Before the Cronides travelled across the oceans, they navigated the Mediterranean Sea.  Look at the map to see how all the countries are connected through the Mediterranean  Sea:

by Rita Jean Moran

Why I am on This Path


          I have always enjoyed studying ancient cultures, legends, folklore, and mythology and have observed that most ancient stories are very similar across all cultures including stories of floods and giants and little people. I visit many of the places I write about. The cover art of many of my books include my own photography with some imagery illustrated into the photographs.

           One day, when I took my family to visit a cave in Texas, an idea was born inside my mind. The idea further blossomed after visiting another cave in Wisconsin.  It started out as a set of children’s books and has blossomed into finding what I believe is a true and factual story that has never been told before.

            I began with writing, The Library Kids, after the visit to the caves. After doing years of research and writing for my children’s series, I formulated what I call The Mythological Unification Theory. This theory tells the story of what I term, The Cronide Bloodline, and their global travels and civilization of the world between 15,000 to 16,000 years ago. I have since written a new series called my  Hidden Human Story Series for a more mature audience that tells the tale of this family.

Rita Jean Moran (www.thelibrarykids.com and www.hiddenhumanstory.com)

Meet the Family

         My research has taken me many years to compile and is still a work in progress, but I will try to summarize the core of the story of this family.  When I was about 10 years old, I never believed the history we were taught in schools.  When I learned about the people in the Americas and the ancient Egyptians, I knew there was a connection even though my teachers assured me there was none.  This feeling never left me and when I grew up and worked a mainstream job, I continued to research this area on my own.  After years of comparative anthropology, comparative mythology, and comparative archaeology, I came to the conclusion that many of these ancient mythologies across the world were telling the same story but with slight differences in each culture.  The key to seeing this Mythological Unification Theory, is the story of the “murdered son of a father god.”  Every ancient story tells the tale of a son who was teaching the people “good ways” when he was murdered by jealous opposition.  These murderers were labeled as the Titans, Giants, Set and the 72 conspirators, and so on.  Once this key is aligned in all mythologies, they fit together like a puzzle.
         After I realized this, I began to study a library out of Harvard University, known as the Loeb Library.  The Loeb Library was sponsored by a Jewish-German-American banker- philanthropist named James Loeb (1867–1933) and includes over 500 books from ancient Greek and Roman scholars.  I pinpointed the books I knew would tell the story of what I had formulated from the catalogue.  It was in the writings of the ancient Greek, Roman, and Egyptian scholars Diodorus Siculus, Plutarch, Hesiod, Homer, Manetho, Valerius Maximus, Macrobius, and others that the story began to unfold with a timeline.  I further found a set of writings from the British Library that included the writings of an ancient Phoenician scholar, Sanchoniathon, that expanded the story.
          This family, which I term the Cronide bloodline, began in Tyre.  Their story of evolving advancement is told in the writings of Sanchoniathon.  The tales of calculated murder, calculated breeding, and calculated alliances are clearly spelled out as this family began to move into a position of global power.  Some of the details of this family are very cruel, but as they evolved, they made efforts to change their ways and travel the world to teach their “mysteries” about agriculture, astronomy, science, medicine, and more.  The story starts out with Diodorus Siculus referring to them as the “Atlantians” and their social structure was based on a matriarchy, initially.  Their names vary from culture to culture, but for ease of telling the story, I will use their Greek names mostly at this time.  The god known as Uranus was the first to challenge the matriarchy after the unfortunate death of his father who died from a wild animal attack.  He was a tyrant and he had many consorts.  His main wife was his sister known as Gaia.  She did not like his ways, so she parted from him, but he threatened her and her children often.  When her son, Cronus, grew up, he chased his father away from the area, but his father would not leave them alone.  Cronus ended up killing his father as his father had killed the great Queen and her husband, before.  Cronus became the leader and decided his people would leave their island home of Tyre and expand through out the world.  Cronus was a knowledgeable farmer and is credited with inventing many agricultural tools including the pickaxe; however, Cronus had strange ways which included sacrificing some of his own children during times of trouble.  This is why they say that Cronus, “ate his children” and his sister wife Rhea had to hide their children from him.  One of these children was Zeus whom she hid in a cave on Mt. Ida in Crete.  When Zeus grew up into a man, he took over his father’s kingdom.  Zeus was completely unlike his father and preferred gentler ways of living and the people loved him.  Zeus had many consorts and children and helped to expand his father’s kingdom.  He had many enemies as well.  Even though this family was referred to as Atlantians, because they originally came from the people who lived near the Atlantic Ocean, they were not well liked because of the previous things Uranus had done. 
          When Zeus had a son by Persephone, named Zagreus, he intended for Zagreus to inherit his kingdom.  But Zagreus was brutally murdered by Titans when he was just a child and the Titans cannibalized Zagreus leaving only the heart for Zeus to find.  Coming home to find out what had happened, Zeus went insane.  He prepared a potion from the heart of Zagreus and drank it believing he had the soul of Zagreus inside him and he would impregnate another woman and transfer that soul to the new child.  That woman was Semele.  The child born was Dionysus.  Dionysus was hidden and raised as a girl in Nyssa to hide him from his enemies.   Dionysus grew up and became the great god also known as Osiris.
          This tale continues on with the conquest of the world by Zeus and his children including his main heir, Dionysus-Osiris.  Dionysus, along with his wife Ariadne-Isis (same woman from the story of the Minotaur of Crete), created the royal Pharaonic bloodline that flows through many people’s veins today.  The other children of Zeus spread across the world and became the kings and queens of every nation including those in the Americas.
          I believe from my research that this family travelled the world including the Americas to civilize it and teach their mystery schools.  Their tale is told in the story of the Hopi Kachinas, the Ho-Chunk hero known as Red Horn, the story of Queztlcoatl, the story of White Buffalo Woman and so on.  The evidence is everywhere.  I have found what I believe to be petroglyphs of Phoenician ships and Phoenician letters in Nevada.  There are many tales by the Pauite of red-haired giants in Nevada as well that may be the descendants of these people or others that followed over, later.
           I know this tale is complex, salacious, and possibly disturbing, but it is a true story.  I have done so much research that I have written about, that I can’t possibly include all of it on this website, but here is a small snippet from Diodorus Siculus that may help convince you:
And of the ancient Greek writers of mythology some give to Osiris the name Dionysus or, with a slight change in form, Sirius.  One of them, Eumolpus, in his Bacchic Hymn speaks of Our Dionysus, shining like a star, with fiery eye in ev’ry ray;”
“Osiris was the first, they record, to make mankind give up cannibalism; for after Isis did discover the fruit of both wheat and barley which grew wild over the land along with the other plants but was still unknown to man, and Osiris had also devised the cultivation of these fruits, all men were glad to change their food, both because of the pleasing nature of the newly-discovered grains and because it seemed to their advantage to refrain from their butchery of one another.  As proof of the discovery of these fruits they offer the following ancient custom which they still observe:  Even yet at harvest time the people make a dedication of the first heads of the grain to be cut, and standing beside the sheaf beat themselves and call upon Isis, by this act rendering honour to the goddess for the fruits which she discovered, at the season when she first did this.  Moreover in some cities, during the Festival of Isis as well, stalks of wheat and barley are carried among the other objects in the procession, as a memorial of what the goddess so ingeniously discovered at the beginning.  Isis also established laws, they say, in accordance with which the people regularly dispense justice to one another and are let to refrain through fear of punishment from illegal violence and insolence; and it is for this reason also that the early Greeks gave Demeter the name Thesmophorus acknowledging in this way that she had first established their laws.”
          There is even an older tale before this family of a matriarchy and before them there was a story as well.  I can present material anywhere along the timeline of this planet.  The tale of this story stems from decades of my own research.  No other researcher comes close and I will not tolerate my work being used without permission because this story is too important to me.  Thank you.

Rita Jean Moran




The Watchers Who Became the Fallen Angels

Atlas holding the world on his shoulders after his punishment

There are ancient stories of watchers who were punished by "God" in the Book of Enoch which is not part of the Bible.  Who were these ancient watchers who "fell from heaven" that are so mysterious?  Their crime was to mate with human women and teach them their own mysteries.

According to Wikipedia:

Book of Enoch[edit]

In the Book of Enoch, the Watchers (Aramaic. עִירִין, iyrin), are angels dispatched to Earth to watch over the humans. They soon begin to lust for human women and, at the prodding of their leader Samyaza, defect en masse to illicitly instruct humanity and procreate among them. The offspring of these unions are the Nephilim, savage giants who pillage the earth and endanger humanity. Samyaza and his associates further taught their human charges arts and technologies such as weaponry, cosmetics, mirrors, sorcery, and other techniques that would otherwise be discovered gradually over time by humans, not foisted upon them all at once. Eventually God allows a Great Flood to rid the earth of the Nephilim, but first sends Uriel to warn Noah so as not to eradicate the human race. The Watchers are bound "in the valleys of the Earth" until Judgment Day. (Jude verse 6 says that these fallen angels are kept "in everlasting chains under darkness" until Judgement Day.)
The chiefs of tens, listed in the Book of Enoch, are as follows:
7. And these are the names of their leaders: Sêmîazâz, their leader, Arâkîba, Râmêêl, Kôkabîêl, Tâmîêl, Râmîêl, Dânêl, Êzêqêêl, Barâqîjâl, Asâêl, Armârôs, Batârêl, Anânêl, Zaqîêl, Samsâpêêl, Satarêl, Tûrêl, Jômjâêl, Sariêl. 8. These are their chiefs of tens.
R. H. Charles translation, The Book of the Watchers, Chapter VI.
The book of Enoch also lists leaders of the 200 fallen angels who married and commenced in unnatural union with human women, and who taught forbidden knowledge. Some are also listed in Book of Raziel (Sefer Raziel HaMalakh), the Zohar, and Jubilees.
  • Araqiel (also Arakiel, Araqael, Araciel, Arqael, Sarquael, Arkiel, Arkas) taught humans the signs of the earth. However, in the Sibylline Oracles, Araqiel is referred to not as a fallen angel, or Watcher, but as one of the 5 angels who lead the souls of men to judgement, the other 4 being Ramiel, Uriel, Samiel, and Azazel.
  • Armaros (also Amaros) in Enoch I taught men the resolving of enchantments.
  • Azazel taught men to make knives, swords, shields, and how to devise ornaments and cosmetics.
  • Gadreel (or Gader'el) taught the art of cosmetics, the use of weapons and killing blows. It was he who led Eve astray in the garden of eden.[citation needed]
  • Baraqel (Baraqiel) taught men astrology
  • Bezaliel mentioned in Enoch I, left out of most translations because of damaged manuscripts and problematic transmission of the text.
  • Chazaqiel (sometimes Ezeqeel or Cambriel) taught men the signs of the clouds (meteorology).
  • Kokabiel (also Kakabel, Kochbiel, Kokbiel, Kabaiel, and Kochab), In the Book of Raziel he is a high-ranking, holy angel. In Enoch I, he is a fallen Watcher, resident of the nether realms, and commands 365,000 surrogate spirits to do his bidding. Among other duties, he instructs his fellows in astrology.
  • Penemue "taught mankind the art of writing with ink and paper," and taught "the children of men the bitter and the sweet and the secrets of wisdom." (I Enoch 69.8)
  • Sariel (also Suriel) taught mankind about the courses of the moon (at one time regarded as forbidden knowledge).
  • Samyaza (also Shemyazaz, Shamazya, Semiaza, Shemhazi, Semyaza and Amezyarak) is one of the leaders of the fall from heaven in Vocabulaire de l' Angelologie.
  • Shamsiel, once a guardian of Eden as stated in the Zohar, served as one of the two chief aides to the archangel Uriel (the other aide being Hasdiel) when Uriel bore his standard into battle, and is the head of 365 legions of angels and also crowns prayers, accompanying them to the 5th heaven. In Jubilees, he is referred to as one of the Watchers. He is a fallen angel who teaches the signs of the sun.
  • Yeqon (also Jeqon or Yaqum, יָקוּם, "he shall rise") was the ringleader who first tempted the other Watchers into having sexual relations with humans. His accomplices were Asbeel, Gadreel, Penemue, and Kasdaye (or Kasadya), who were all identified as individual "satans".
The account of the Book of Enoch has been associated with the passage in Genesis 6:1-4, which speaks of Sons of God instead of Watchers:
When men began to multiply on earth and daughters were born to them, the sons of God saw how beautiful the daughters of man were, and so they took for their wives as many of them as they chose. Then the Lord said: "My spirit shall not remain in man forever, since he is but flesh. His days shall comprise one hundred and twenty years." At that time the Nephilim appeared on earth (as well as later), after the sons of God had intercourse with the daughters of man, who bore them sons. They were the heroes of old, the men of renown.

In the ancient writings of Phoenician scholar, Sanchuniathon, there is something very interesting and it is a story that is very similar to the story of the fallen angels.   From The History of the Ancient World, the story of the binding of Cronus' brother, Iaptetus in a deep cavern in the earth is mentioned:

"After these events Cronus builds a wall round about his habitation, and found Byblus, the first city of Phoenicia  Afterwards Cronus suspecting his own brother Atlas, by the advice of Hermes threw him into a deep cavern in the earth, and buried him."

This event occurs after Cronus chases away his abusive and violent father, Uranus, before killing him..  The allies of Cronus are referred to as Eloim and the father of Uranus is called, "The Most High" and was also called Hypsistus.  The father of Uranus had been killed previously by a wild animal attack.

I would have to wonder if the leader of the fallen angels, Shemjaza, was Iapetus and I wonder if his son, Atlas was the fallen angel Azazel.  This is food for thought.



by Rita Jean Moran (www.thelibrarykids.com and www.hiddenhumanstory.com)

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Who were the Elohim?

They were the allies of Cronus according to ancient Phoenician scholar, Sanchuianthon :

From Sanchuniathon's History of the World (Sanchuianthon was an ancient Phoenician writer):

"But the auxiliaries of Ilus, who is Cronus, were called Eloim, (as it were) the allies of Cronus, they were so called after ...Cronus. And Cronus, having a son called Sadidus, dispatched him with his own sword, because he held him in suspicion, and with his own hand deprived his son of life. And in like manner he cut off the head of his own daughter, so that all the gods were amazed at the mind of Cronus."


Hephaestus Had a Club Foot

The ancient Greek God, Hephaestus was born deformed.  He was the son of Hera and Zeus and said to be crippled and required a cane to walk.  In all probability, he was born with a clubfoot.  He became a great craftsman and was married to the beautiful Aphrodite who did not stay faithful to him.  He also was in love with Athena.  His other name was Vulcan in Rome.

Here is a passage from Nonnos describing his foot and describing him as hobbling (an old term used to describe those with a club foot):


Man with club foot





Dionysus-Osiris and His Global Mission


Dionysus-Osiris and his army of Satyrs and Maenads went to civilize the world along with his father Zeus and the rest of the House of Cronus, the House of Zeus, the House of Iapetus, and the House of Prometheus.  His main objective was to introduce the cultivation of the grape vine for wine, eventually grains for consumption, and his belief in peaceful ways but willing to fight if attacked. 

His first mission was to subdue the Indians in Asia and then he went on to the rest of the world including Egypt.  It was his wife, Isis-Ariadne, who discovered the usage and cultivation of the grains in the same manner as Demeter had discovered and perfected the cultivation and processing of corn.  Here are some snippets from the ancient Greek writers, Nonnos and Plutarch:


Two satyrs and a maenad. Side A from an Ancient Greek red-figure kylyx-krater from Apulia, 380–370 BC. Louvre, Paris
The children of Dionysus-Osiris and Isis-Ariadne became the "Sacred Heart" royal Pharaonic bloodline and ruled the world with the rest of the descendants from the House of Zeus, but it was the intent of Zeus to have the Pharaonic line be in leadership.

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Dionysus-Osiris was the Reincarnation of Zagreus

The story of Zagreus is a violent one.  Zagreus was the child of Persephone and Zeus who was killed violently by the Titans.  It was this hidden history that caused the Titanomachy.  After Zagreus was killed and dismembered and cannibalized, only his heart was left on the floor and was recovered by Athena.  Zeus created a concoction with it and drank it, thinking he held the soul of Zagreus in himself waiting to impregnate another and give Zagreus a new body.  Semele was selected and impregnated and Dionysus was born from her and Zeus.  Dionysus is thus called twice-born (and sometimes thrice-born due to an elder Dionysus who was Indian and lived during the time of Cronus) and represented as a baby and a young man because he was killed once as Zagreus and once by Prometheus-Set when he was tricked into a box and sealed up when he was the Pharaoh Osiris.  Here is a snippet of this story from Nonnos' Dionysiaca:


The "Sacred Heart" bloodline was the Pharaonic bloodine created by Dionysus-Osiris and Ariadne-Isis.  This bloodline is illustrated in the sacred heart of Jesus Christ. This story is embedded in the Orphic Mysteries and has been hidden from the masses.  I believe this is one more reason my work is being shunned by the media because it unravels some very ancient secrets and modern day lies.


The "as above and to the heart" hand symbolism often shown with Jesus Christ goes back to Zeus who was the progenitor of this bloodline and many other elite bloodlines.   Watch for an article I will be posting on bloodline origins down the road.

And here is a snippet of what I will be exposing down the road along with who and where the races and elite bloodlines come from:
"The Jews had tried to corrupt Roman values with their cult of Jupiter Sabazius, so the praetor forced them to go back to their home.” - Valerius Maximus

The above quote is from Valerius Maximus' Memorable Deeds and Sayings One Thousand Tales From Ancient Rome.  Here is a scan of the page from the book:

by Rita Jean Moran (www.thelibrarykids.com and www.hiddenhumanstory.com)