Monday, April 25, 2016

The Library Kids

The Library Kids website has now gone through its third make-over.  It is now directed to this blog/website.  It's been a fun ride the last 6 years.  We'll see what the future has in store for this series.  
Here are some excerpts from the old site:

The Library Kids is a middle grade (ages 8 to 12 and up) book series about a group of children who find a secret, magical library inside the Cave of the Blue Mounds that has the entire history and knowledge of the Earth in the past, present and future. The children can go back in time and meet famous people from the past and travel to any part around the world. However, the children will end up with a mission at the end of the first book. Their mission will be that they must battle the seven Enemies of the Library and defeat the Dark Master that the Enemies answer to. To do this, they must travel around the world to ancient sites and collect a set of twelve crystals that when put together will make a prison for the Dark Master. The children will travel to ancient sites in America, Mexico, Panama, Peru, Ireland, Greece, Mali, Egypt, India, Tibet, and Australia throughout the seven book series. There will be some American history as well as ancient mythology, folklore, and legend in each book. This series is sure to captivate the middle grade audience as well as adults.
Many of the places that are mentioned in the books, are real places that can be visited as well. 

Some Reviews:


"I won this book through Goodreads and I loved it. It was a fast read, because it is written for children, yet the story held my interest and I couldn't wait to get to the end of the book and see how it ended. And now that I have read this one I want to read the others in the series! I have always been a bibliophile and the idea of a hidden library in a cave that allows one to explore one's interests in an interactive format intrigued me. I also love history and since much of this book discussed mythology, ancient civilzations, cultural anthropology and history of war and the way the children could see and experience their interests was well done. I could see parents and teachers alike using this book and the others as a springboard to other topics. Also this book discussed morals and virtues in a way that wasn't preachy leading to more learning experiences for all. Miss Moran has a good series on her hands as she tackles current issues and historic cause and effect tactfully. I am glad to see a book that can teach in a fun way back on the market; reminds of some of my favorites as a child." - Lesley

"Really cute story about 5 curious children who are invited into a wonderous library! They begin an adventure that will teach them about themselves and how to combat the evil that wants to try and stop the wonder of learning. Katie always has questions and the magical library seems like the perfect place for her. She is told that she and her friends have a destiny and they will soon start on a great adventure.... Great story for middle age kids, though I am a grownup and I liked it! " - April

Book Review:

"The Library Kids Mystery of the Blue Mounds" is a juvenile chapter mystery written for the enjoyment of middle grade students everywhere. First in a series of seven Library Kids Mysteries, "Mystery of the Blue Mounds" promises to entertain and educate readers, who will be intrigued by the enigma of curious Katie O'Conner's discovery of a vast secret library in Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin which allows visitors to travel to any time or place on Earth, past, present or future. Katie and three friends meet the mysterious guardian of the library, an entity named Emily. They learn they must battle the seven Enemies of the Library as part of their initiation into the Library. They also must imprison or contain the non-human Dark Master of the Enemies, or he will destroy the human race and take over the planet. The children conduct a search throughout the series for 12 crystals at ancient archaeological sites that can (together) contain the Dark Master. "The Library Kids Mystery of the Blue Mounds" is a great beginning to entice young readers to learn more about ancient mythologies and cultures and solving mysteries, and not coincidentally, the role of libraries in pursuing this knowledge." - Midwest Book Review

Crystals Retrieved:

Crystal #1 Red oval from the arch in Rock Lake
Crystal #2 Orange oval from the Tomb of the Lost Souls at America's Stonehenge in New Hamsphire
Crystal #3 Yellow oval from the hand of the Giant's skeleton from the Cave of the Giants in Galena, Illinois.
Crystal #4 Green oval at Chichen Itza from the Pyramid of the Feathered Serpent.
Crystal #5 Blue Oval at Machu Picchu from the Intihuatana Stone.
Crystal #6 The Hill of Tara in Ireland
Crystal #7 Giant's Causeway in Ireland
Crystal #8 Dogon Elder in Mali
Crystal #9 Under the Sphinx in Egypt
Crystal #10 Cave in India
Crystal #11 Shambala In Tibet
Crystal #12 Outback in Australia

Rules of the Library
1. Please remember that every one has a story to tell.
2. Please remember that there is always something to learn at any given time.
3. You must use the Library materials with respect and responsibility.
4. You must use the material of the Library for good and not for evil.
5. You should be a person of good character and
enjoy the quest for knowledge.
6. You must contribute to the Library and protect it.
7. You will be tested by the Enemies of the Library.