Monday, July 7, 2014

The Sumerian Enki is the Greek Zeus



The Sumerian God Enki is the Greek God Zeus.  His children in Sumerian mythology match those children in Greek mythology.  His murdered son, Dumuzi, matches the murdered Dionysus, son of Zeus.  His father Enlil (Cronus) is overthrown by a rebellion, just as Cronus is overthrown in Greek mythology.

Enki helps create a slave race, just as Zeus did.  Enki has affairs with many women including Ninhursag and her daughter, just as Zeus did with Demeter and Persephone.  Enki is a water god and god of wisdom which are all associated with agriculture.  This is the early adulthood of Zeus when he was learning from his father Cronus, the methods of farming. His symbols include the phoenix and the bull, just as Zeus includes the eagle/phoenix and bull as his symbols.  Enki's other symbols include water (irrigation) and an ibex (goat-lamb) which matches the ibex's of Crete and their irrigation and advanced piping systems where Zeus initially took up residence.

Without a doubt, Enki is the Greek Zeus.

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  1. Enki is Enlils brother An was their Father

    1. I don't follow the works of Zechariah Sitchen. I follow the writings of PHDs in the field who have translated the ancient tablets from the Library of Ashurbanipal. After doing intensive comparative mythology and comparing the story of the rape of Persephone (Zeus' daughter) by Zeus to that of Enki and his "seduction" of his daughter I have concluded what I have. After looking at the stories of Enlil and some references to Enki I have concluded Enlil is Cronus and Enki is Zeus. Tiamat is not a planet, she was a woman murdered off by her great-grandson, Anu who is the same as Uranus. Dr. Stephanie Dailey has translated this (Tiamat is a woman) specifically in her work.

    2. There is a great amount of disinfo relating this ancient Sumerian folklore, but if you do an intensive study as I have, you will also conclude as I have, that these gods/goddesses are the same as the Greek gods/goddesses. See my work in as I have discovered a library out of Harvard University that is hidden from the public that tells the truth. Even more insulting, is the fact that I have uncovered that Freemasons such as Albert Pike and Helen Blavatsky knew about this ancient family and their secrets and that they are the basis of all Abrahamic religion. Don't be fooled by what mainstream has given you to feed on. Dig deeper.

    3. No offense, but every time I hear someone repeat Zechariah's b.s. I want to scream. Even worse is the idolization of Enki without understanding that he was a white man that lived over 15,000 years ago that had womanizing faults but a good side as well and it was he and his family that spread the agricultural cults to end cannibalism and savagery.

    4. Rita, what would be a good source to research? I would like to hear your thoughts on our past

    5. Oops... I see the link on top

    6. Dear Justin, I did a lot of research with a Harvard Library called the Loeb Library. The material was more appropriate for the adult audience. I therefor created a new website,, a blog, and wrote 10 more books regarding this hidden past. If you are an adult, the material is appropriate for you. If not, please wait a bit as some of the detail is violent and disturbing. Hope that helps you understand how I was able to draw conclusions.

  2. enki is Poseidon not zeus, try again

  3. Very good pondering here all truth aside
    Any was not enki's father there is no enlil either
    Remember in the beginning was chaos, next came namma who gave birth to who we call enki and Adad twins and plurality one good one evil.
    Enki was then known as apzu,an and anki, yes he was the first 3 rulers nibiru/hibiru.
    He is immortal and self resurrects.
    Any is the Father of the igigi cannot resurrect. Only lives a long but now is long gone.

  4. Unfortunately, Rita your site is down. If you need assistance, please advise as I'd like to read your insights.