Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Time Lords of Atlantis and Hidden Human Story

I have a new book coming out.  This will be the 6th book of my Hidden Human Story series and it looks at how the ancient God Kings gained power and how the calendar systems were formed.  This book will be out in a few weeks.  At this time I will be working my other blog, Hidden Human Story and more, quite a bit.  If you enjoy this blog and are able to handle more advanced subjects, please refer to this blog for future articles that surely will be eye openers:

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Sunday, November 10, 2013

More Assemblage Art



"Mermaids, Gnomes, and Fairies"

"Reading the Books"

"Howling at the Moon"


Saturday, November 9, 2013

Aliens Built the Pyramids

You know, the aliens built it all because people were too stupid to figure out how to move those big rocks and design things back then. The History channel- figuring it out for us all (yeah right):

People on Nias Island in Indonesia move monoliths to a construction site, circa 1915


Some Hidden History Links:

Friday, November 8, 2013

Assemblage Art

I've been trying a new art form.  It's called assemblage art.  Assemblage art creates either a 2-dimensional or 3 -dimensional art that consists of putting together found objects.  Here are some of the pieces of art I have been working on.  See if you can figure out what the symbols mean and what mythology they belong to.  I've put some other pieces together as well.

"The Olympians"

"The Zeus Box"





"Penguin Life"

"Zeus - The Original Man in Black"  (I snuck in one of my acrylics)

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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Mythology, the Illuminati, Hollywood, the Music Industry, Corporate Logos, and more....

We are being inundated with symbolism and most people don't understand what the symbols mean.  Many believe a secret group, called the Illuminati is running the world. This secret society, created in Bavaria in 1776,  borrowed from Freemasonry and in turn Freemasonry came from the Templars.  The Templars were created by the Catholic Church who had been infiltrated.  These symbols being used go back to the ancient Cronide bloodline and their mystery schools.

The key to understanding all of it is ancient mythology, the Cronide bloodline, and Alice Bailey.  Alice Bailey was a freemason who outlined the blueprints for an evil one world government in which the general population is culled and controlled like cattle.  A middle population of scientists, doctors, and inventors are used to control the humans below them, and an elite group of ? rule the planet and live like gods.  Alice Bailey specifically states that the United Nations is to be the world government in her books.  She also outlines the plans for the roll out of this diabolical plan in her books.  It will include the control of all natural resources by corporations.  Parents will have no rights over their children.  The moral foundations of all nations will be destroyed.  An inundation of symbolism will be placed upon the public (without explanation of their true meaning) and this is known as the Externalization of the Hierarchy.  The human race will be culled.  There will be no borders so to say, no identities, no tribes, no history, just a big slave plantation. 

The symbolism they are flashing to us is the symbolism from the ancient Cronide bloodline.  I can say with absolute conviction to the ruling elite, that if your god, Zeus-Jupiter Sabazius, were alive today, he would spit in your faces and hunt you down.  Here is what the symbolism means:


Bloodline of the Cronides.


The Horn Sign:

Represents the bull and oxen used by the Cronides to help with agriculture.

All-Seeing Eye/One Eye:

There are 3 references to all seeing eyes.  One is the eye of Hera, one is the eye of Dionysus, and the other is the eye of Zeus-Odin.  It means that all can be seen by this eye.


It represents the rejection of Jesus Christ and the enslavement of the human race.


The calendars built by the Cronide bloodlines.

Hexagram/Star of David:

The idol of the elite, the star of Remphan.

Upside Down Cross/Pentagram:

Rejection of Jesus Christ/ Death to the White wise women of Europe and their ancient ways.
Samael is the name the Gnostics gave to Cronus (the father of Zeus).  The dolt known as Anton LaVey was either mocking Zeus or was too stupid to figure that out when he created the Church of Satan (Satan is Set-Prometheus-Loki-Agni, etc.).


Satan is the clown/jester and he is Set-Prometheus-Loki-Agni.


Zeus.  Remember the snake of the bible eating the snakes of the Egyptian pharaohs?  Remember the snake on the cross to heal (Caduces or symbol of Asclepius- both were doctors)?

Tree of life/Kabala:

Shamanistic tree and genealogical chart.



The Heart of Zagreus, his reincarnation as Osiris and the Pharaonic Bloodline






Cronus and his bloodline.


The purple robes of Dionysus.


The black robe of Zeus.  He was the original man in black.  Many Greek men still wear black as a custom.

Winged Disk:


Fleur De Lis

Bloodline of Zeus.

Code of Silence

Keep quiet while revenge is planned.

Lightning Bolt:

Zeus' Weapon to punish the wicked.

These symbols and many others are flashed to us all day through Hollywood, the Music Industry, Corporate logos, and in advertising.  Look behind the scenes and find out the ethnicity and secret society membership of those in charge of these corporations who are displaying these symbols and you will know who is behind it all.

Fair Usage Title 17 Section 107 applies to the photos in this article.

by Rita Jean Moran ( and

The Cronides and the Amazons


Discover the story of a family that not only changed the world but ruled over it. They were called the Cronides because they came from Rhea and Cronus. Their people were also called the Atlantians by the ancient Greek scholar, Diodorus Siculus. Their bloodline travelled the world and ruled as the Merovingian kings, the Tuatha De Nanann, the Pharaohs, the Caesars, the Czars, the Semites, the Greeks, the Italians, the Irish, the British, the Cretans, the Milesians, the Europeans, the warriors of the Siouian people of America, the Aztec and Incan royalty, the Japanese royal family, the Chinese royal family, the Abrahamic Priests of Zeus, and probably Genghis Khan. Their mystery schools, symbols, and archetypes permeate the world. The author, Rita Jean Moran, has dedicated many years to tracking down this family and their hidden story.

The ancient writings of Diodorus Siculus and many others describe the ancient world in detail.  During the time period of this family (who were Celtic Iberians), probably between 16,000 to 17,000 years ago, many armies of women ruled and travelled the world.  They were referred to as Gorgons and Amazons.  The Gorgons resided in Libya and would invade the villages of the Atlantians and the Amazons resided in the ancient world of Scythia.  The Atlantians made alliances with Myrina, (rhymes with Xena the Warrior Princess from Hollywood) the Queen of the Amazons, and asked for help against the Gorgons.  The two large groups of women warriors (over 30,000 Gorgons and tens of thousands of Amazons) fought it out and Amazons and Gorgons both took heavy losses.  The power of the Atlantians grew, as their Gorgon enemies were wiped out, and the Amazon women became their allies.  Some of the Olympians (Ares and Poseidon) mated with Amazon Queens.  Athena used them in battle.  Unfortunately, the pay back for their loyalty to the Atlantians by the Amazons, included being attacked and wiped out by the ancestors of the Semitic bloodlines, Perseus and Heracles.

Learn more by reading this book, now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

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Monday, November 4, 2013

The Art Institute of Chicago

As always, I look for connections to ancient mythology every where I go.  The Art Institute of Chicago was no exception.  I've heard the Institute has over 200,000 pieces of art in their collection with multiple rotating exhibits throughout the year.  I zeroed in on some ancient art from Greece, Rome, and Egypt.  Enjoy.



The abduction of Persephone

Egyptian Boat

Page from the Book of the Dead found in a Woman's grave


Canopic Jars

Horus statues giving the "Code of Silence" Hand Gesture

Ancient Egyptian during the 2nd Century AD


Bes (in the middle) who was the dwarf god who protected women and children

Amulet necklace






The Hydra - one of the twelve labors of Heracles