Saturday, December 12, 2015

I Sold Some More Books Today

It's been 2 1/2 years since I've been out selling any of my children's books, The Library Kids, to the public at any kind of public venue other than online.  Since 2013, I've moved into some material that was only suitable for adults and I wrote ten more books that were esoteric and aimed at a mature audience.  Today, I was moving in a different direction from my writing.  I've been working on art pieces that were about mythology and have made my own jewelry.  Today was the test to see how the public reacted to my art and jewelry, but I also brought along the remainder of my book inventory that I was selling for a very good price since I want someone to read the books rather than have them sit in a box.

I was completely surprised that most of my sales came from my children's books.  I haven't tried to sell my Hidden Human Story books in public yet as I was/am still on the journey of researching and writing them.  Many people were also interested in my art pieces but didn't want to spend too much to purchase them (typical in the art world), but they complimented me on them.

Watching the faces of the children who wanted the books and were very excited after reading the back covers and looking within the books, brought back a lot of memories for me.  I was very careful and still am about what I write in children's books or any of the social media pages (blog, youtube, facebook) that are associated with them.  My other books and their social media pages are a different story as my research into mythology and the past has taken me down a very dark and deep rabbit hole that I never imagined I would be in.

As I've mentioned before, I wrote screenplays when I first started out trying to be a writer and had one of them optioned twice by the producer of the movie, Norma Rae.  She tried her best, but couldn't get a studio to put up the money for the project.  I moved on to the children's books and self-published.  As of today, I've never made enough money back on book sales to pay for the start up cost for the project and may never will, but it was worth it.  These books will remain as long as we can print books long after I am dead and so will my other books.

A writer is never done writing.  I never say never to the possibility of writing another book in The Library Kid's series.  But for now, I've got some ideas for another project aimed at the adult audience that may be very dark and mysterious.  I will continue to post articles on this blog that are family friendly but I hope you understand that as a writer, I may move into different territory.  Thanks for your interest.