Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Mythological Unification Theory and Pantheon Equivalents

After writing my children's books, The Library Kids, I stumbled into a story about an ancient family that changed the world.  This story has never been told by anyone, I am the first to tell it.  The details of this family are more appropriate for a mature audience and so I separated the material into my other website/blog called www.hiddenhumanstory.com.  My lastest book, House of Zeus, tells their story in a way that is easy to understand.

Occasionally, the material from that research may be able to be posted on this site.  I've formulated what I call, The Mythological Unification Theory, based on my research which states that this family that I term, the Cronides, traveled the world and became the gods/goddesses of every pantheon across the world and they are also encoded in all Abrahamic religions.  As research becomes available that requires me to make adjustments to my pantheon equivalents tables, I will do so.  For now, I will share some of this information through some of the graphics I have created.