Sunday, September 7, 2014

Haunted Tour in Elmhurst, Illinois

I took a haunted tour last night in Elmhurst, Illinois.  It was put on by a team of investigators including a retired policeman.  The team investigated 7 sites within blocks said to be haunted in Elmhurst.  What was interesting was the method of research used.  The police officer used his detective skills to research the area and investigate paranormal reports while his partners used paranormal research methods and tools to investigate the reported paranormal activity.  At one site (the cemetery) a picture was taken that showed a blue light on one of the tombstones.  Many thought the light was paranormal, but upon further investigation, the light was a refection from a blue light in the parking lot across the street.

The tour guide (Ray Johnson) was very knowledgeable of the history of the area and even had photographs for us to look at the sites.  His other 2 partners investigated the sites with the standard paranormal methods and tools and were able to capture several EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) at the sites of which they presented in a slide show after the tour.

The tour was at night and included about 2 hours of walking outdoors.  I would recommend bringing the tour map with you as you will have to walk back to your car (several blocks away at the starting point of the tour) at the end so pay attention to your location.  At the end of the tour, there are several restaurants in the middle of town that you may want to dine at.  You can also park your car near the end of the tour and walk to the starting point if you so chose.  Here are some photographs from the tour:

Haunted Mill Theater


The Cemetery


Glos Mausoleum


Glos Mansion


Slide show screen with EVP evidence


More of the Glos Mansion



Downtown Elmhurst


Here are the websites for this tour:

The tour guide, Ray Johnson, also has several other research websites and businesses:

I would highly recommend this tour.


With this said, I have done some of my own paranormal investigations as well as doing strictly historical and archaeological investigations.  The idea of adding some EVP testing at the end is something I will probably try to incorporate in future investigations.  Here are four videos of my investigations, two of which did have some paranormal phenomenon present. The Cuba road has a lower volume for the first several minutes and then the volume increased due to differences in microphones. The cemetery on Cuba Road did have some white lights in the pictures I took.  The Princess Mound in Wisconsin, is where I experienced the paranormal activity.  I have learned from this tour and I don’t know of anyone who has ever gone to very ancient sites/mythological sites and tried to conduct paranormal research but rather they strictly tried to use basic research methods for the area all though I have seen some photographs inside the Egyptian pyramids that have orbs in them.


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