Friday, May 23, 2014

The Trogodytes

Diodorus Siculus wrote about the Trogodytes.  They were a primitive tribe out of Ethiopia that lived off of their flocks and herds.  They would fight by throwing rocks at each other . 

Here is what he wrote about the Trogodytes:

As for the arms of the Trogodytes, those who bear the name of Megabari  have round shields covered with raw ox-hide and a club with iron knobs, but the rest of them have bows and arrows and lances.

In their quarrels they at first hurl stones at each other, until some are wounded, and the rest of the time they resort to the struggle with bows and arrows.  And it is but a moment before many are dead, since they are accurate shooters by reason of their practice in archery and the object at which they are aiming is bare of protective armour.  The fighting is terminated by the older women, who rush into the fray and offer themselves as a protection to the fighters, and are the object of respect; for it is a custom with these people that they shall in no wise strike one of these women, and so at their appearance they cease shooting.

Likewise it is a custom of theirs to remove from life, those who have become maimed or are in the grip of incurable diseases; for they consider it to be the greatest disgrace for a man to cling to life when he is unable to accomplish anything worth living for.  consequently, a man can see every Trogodyte sound in body and of vigorous age, wince no one of them lives beyond sixty years.

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