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The Amazons vs. the Gorgons

A Gorgon head on the outside of each of the Vix-krater's three handles, from the grave of the Celtic Lady of Vix, 510 BC

Diodorus Siculus talks extensively about an ancient Amazon tribe that came from Libya that would invade and defeat the Atlantians.  There was another tribe of warrior women called the Gorgons.  The Amazons were distinguished by removing one of their breasts and training for war early in life.  The Gorgons were distinguished by wearing "snakes" in their hair.  The Atlantians made friends with the Amazons, but the Gorgons would not have anything to do with the Atlantians.  A great warrior queen named Myrina was honored by the Atlantians and tricked into fighting the Gorgons.  The large tribes of warrior women fought each other and essentially exterminated each other and thus the Atlantians sat back and rose to power.  Here is what Diodorus Siculus said:

Setting out from the city of Cherronesus, the account continues, the Amazons embarked upon great ventures, a longing having come over them to invade many parts of the inhabited world.  The first people against whom they advanced, according to the tale, was the Atlantians, the most civilized men among the inhabitants of those regions, who dwelt in a prosperous country and possessd great cities; it was amoung them, we are told, that mythology places the birth of the gods in the regions which lie along the shore of the ocean, in this respect agreeing with those among the Greeks who relate legends, and about this we shall speak in detail a little later.

Now the queen of the Amazons, Myrina, collected an army of thirty thousand foot-soldiers  and three thousand cavalry, since they favored to an unusual degree the use of cavalry in their wars.  For protective devices they used the skins of large snakes since Libya contains such animals of incredible size, and for offensive weapons, swords and lances; they also used bows and arrows, and which they struck not only when facing the enemy but also when in flight, by shooting backwards at their pursuers with good effect.  Upon entering the land of the Atlantians they defeated in a pitched battle the inhabitants of the city of Cerne, as it is called,  and making their way inside the walls along with the fleeing enemy, they got the city into their hands; and desiring to strike terror into the neighbouring peoples they treated the captives savagely, put to the sword the men from the youth upward, led into slavery the children and women, and raze the city.

Diodorus continues on with the tale of the rest of the Atlantians giving praise to Myrina, the Amazon queen, and cutting a deal with her to go after another one of their enemies, the Gorgons.

Whereupon the Atlantians presented her with magnificent presents and by public decree voted to her notable honours, and she in return accepted their courtesy and in addition promised that she would show kindness to their nation.  And since the natives were often being warred upon by the Gorgons, as they were named, a folk which resided upon their borders and in general had the people lying in wait to injure them, Myrina, they say, was asked by the Atlantians to invade the land of the afore-mentioned Gorgons.  (Diodorus Siculus, Library of History Volume 2, pages 254-255).

Diodorus continues on with the annihilation of both tribes of women warriors and the Atlantians rising to power.  Does this sound familiar?  It should.  A long time ago, this Atlantian bloodline used women to fight their wars, now they use men.  They induce two enemies to fight each other and annihilate each other while they sit back and breed the other races out.  Bribery and false praise was part of the ruse.  The lesson in this ancient history is, be careful before rushing to war and find out who is really behind it and who will benefit.  Also, the Amazons were white, the Gorgons may have been black women.  The snakes used as armor are probably the reason the current "priests" associated women with snakes.  These Amazon women travelled the world.  Their history has been buried and hidden since it is not "kosher" and conducive to the current powers of the day.  But the same tactics used back then are still used today that allows this bloodline to rule and slay enemies by using other "suckers" to do their fighting for them.  Also note the similarity between the name Myrina and the famous TV character Amazon named Xena.  Perseus and Heracles, the ancestors of the Semites, are credited with exterminating any remaining Amazons.  I guarantee, they don't teach this in the schools, anywhere.

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