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Hermes was the clever son of Zeus and Maia.  He was the messenger of the gods and a god of writing and math.  The Egyptian Thoth was an earlier god who lived before Hermes all though he is often times associated with Hermes.

His symbols include the winged helmet and boots and the caduceus.  He is the god of travelers.  Sometimes he is considered a trickster as well.  His Nordic equivalent is Hermoor.  He is remembered for being an "Argus-slayer" which was the hundred-eye giant Argus Panoptes.   Per Wikipedia:

Hermes's epithet Ἀργειφόντης Argeiphontes (Latin: Argicida), meaning "Argus-slayer",[30][31] recalls his slaying of the hundred-eyed giant Argus Panoptes, who was watching over the heifer-nymph Io in the sanctuary of Queen Hera herself in Argos. Hermes placed a charm on Argus's eyes with the caduceus to cause the giant to sleep, after this he slew the giant.[7] Argus' eyes were then put into the tail of the peacock, symbol of the goddess Hera.

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