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The 10th Planet, Nibiru, Comet Elenin, World Ages, and Catastropheism

There has been a lot of buzz regarding "end of the world" scenarios over the last 20 years.  It started with books and then it permeated into Hollywood with an abundance of Doomsday movies.  The internet is also filled with many videos, blogs, and websites promoting a Doomsday scenario.  Is there any merit to this?  Perhaps. 

The idea of the world having to start over after some sort of major war or global natural catastrophe is not a new one.  It is a very ancient one.  All indigeneous peoples have doomsday stories and world ages.  From Nordic Ragnorak to Mayan ages to Egyptian Zep Tepi, the idea of a start over is global.  I have tried to examine some of these ancient stories in my book series, The Library Kids, by looking at the ancient stories of doomsday from around the world.  Today, we have many people from the Hopi to Hollywood warning us of a global catastrophe that is coming.  I have to wonder if the Earth has some sort of natural cosmic cycle that was written about that will be coming upon us.  I am not the only one who has studied this.

A man by the name of Immanuel Velikovsky wrote a book called Worlds in Collision in which he outlines a ten-year study including a bibliography of about 600 books in which he believes the solar system was not always stable but rather the planets were moving in orbit and this caused the Earth to have several days of natural catastrophes.

He is credited with coming up with the theories of Catastropheism.  Another man by the name of Ignatius Donnelly also believed that the world was destroyed before and he wrote a book about Atlantis siting the many cultural similarities around the world.

Both of these men are now gone, but many others have written about world ages.  As I said above, the Mayan list 5 ages, the Egyptians listed previous world ages, the Nordics talk about Ragnarok, the Celtics have Cycles, and so on.  It appears that there is a cyclical nature to many of these ancient catastrophes, but what is it?  Were some of them from an ancient war or from solar events out of our control?

In my books, I site the many instances that an ancient war occurred long ago.   But there also appears to be some sort of cosmic event that is responsible for Earth catastrophes as well.  Often times, the stories of ancient gods and goddesses amount to petty jealousy or stories of morality.  The Greek and Roman gods were associated with planets and star constellations.  In this case, the embedding of an ancient group of beings with the cycles of planets and stars may have been purposely done to hide knowledge of the solar system in the stories that would allow the information to be passed down through time.

There were 3 major book burnings that took place on Earth.  They were the destruction of the Library of Alexandria, the burning of the Mayan Codices, and the burning of Chinese books by Emperor Qin Shi Huang.  These books and codices contained the information of the past and what happened on the Earth.  By burning these books, these men gained power but have condemned us to ignorance of a possible future of catastrophe that could be avoided.  Scraps of information remain in books like the Popul Vuh, Poetic Edda, Indian Vedas, and oral traditions.

There is a theory that a tenth planet larger than the Earth exists in our solar system.  They call this planet the 10th planet.  It was said in Sumerian mythology that this planet had a 3600 year cycle in which its orbit came close to Earth and this planet's close approach was responsible for many catastrophes.  I have found a few articles and pictures in books that may confirm this:

The Detroit News January 16, 1981

The Detroit News January 16, 1981

Science and Invention How It Works Volume 18 Sheet Metal/Space Vehicle

Others have sited a comet as the reason for the catastrophes.  Some of the following videos site this new age to come:

In The Library Kids series, I attempt to look at stories from around the world that talk about the various ages of the planet.  In the next book, I intend to do an intensive study to determine what may be causing these ages and catastrophes.  Hopefully, we still have time and can avert what may be coming.  I believe we can.

by Rita Jean Moran (www.thelibrarykids.com)


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  1. Dont expect Nibiru any time soon, as the last time it came by was 530 BC. we have at least 1000 years left