Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Incan Pantheon

The Inca were a people that lived in Peru and many other parts of South America.  They were ruled by a royal class of emperors.  Their language was called Quechua.  They had many gods/goddesses but their emperor encouraged the worship of the Sun God, Inti, as the main god.  Their empire expanded from the years of 1438 to 1533.  Their last emperor was Atahualpa, who was killed by the Spanish Conquistador Francisco Pizarro.

According to wikpedia their main gods/goddesses were:

  • Viracocha (also Pachacamac) – Created all living things
  • Apu Illapu – Rain God, prayed to when they need rain
  • Ayar Cachi – Hot-tempered God, causes earthquakes
  • Illapa – Goddess of lightning and thunder (also Yakumama water goddess)
  • Inti – sun god and patron deity of the holy city of Cuzco (home of the sun)
  • Kuychi – Rainbow God, connected with fertility
  • Mama Kilya – Wife of Inti, called Moon Mother
  • Mama Occlo – Wisdom to civilize the people, taught women to weave cloth, and build houses
  • Manco Cápac – known for his courage and sent to earth to become first king of the Incas, taught people how to grow plants, make weapons, work together, share resources, and worship the Gods
  • Pachamama – The Goddess of earth and wife of Viracocha, people give her offerings of coca leafs and beer and pray to her for major agricultural occasions
  • Qochamama – Goddess of the sea
  • Sachamama– Means Mother Tree, goddess in the shape of a snake with two heads
  • Yakumama – Means mother Water, represented as a snake, when she came to earth she transformed into a great river (also Illapa)

By Rita Jean Moran (www.thelibrarykids.com)






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